Monthly Maintenance

You deserve to have a clean and clear pool all season long. That’s why we offer monthly maintenance plans that will keep your swimming environment ideal, so you can enjoy their time around the water without worrying about things like algae or residue build-up from other contaminants such as bird droppings which are not only unsightly but also unhealthy for swimmers.

You’re always on my mind when I think of our company because with us, there is no worry if someone might slip in an unexpected spillage of bleach or gasoline near the edge where it would seep into your ground cover areas below - these issues are taken care of by us!

We are responsible for the upkeep of your pool. You can count on us to remove debris from all areas, including skimming floating objects and vacuuming up any leftovers below water level! When necessary we also check filter pressure or backwash if needed. We’ll vacuum out that bag too so you don’t have to worry about anything but relaxing by the side of our pristine swimming hole.

Your pool water quality is our top priority

We also perform a Chemical Balance Analysis and add chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals when needed. We test and adjust the chemical levels, check the water level, make sure our pump is operating properly; we are always looking for ways to optimize your experience at “the beach.”

We take pride in our work and we want you to be confident that your pool is always well taken care of. To keep this happening, here’s what happens during a typical monthly service with us:

  • We test and adjust the water chemistry according to the prescribed chlorine, pH level, and alkalinity every month.
  • We test calcium hardness and conditioner and monitor salt levels if necessary.
  • We include monthly pool checkups and inspections. Monitoring and cleaning the filters are included, such as brushing, filter, and chemical testing.
  • We test and apply appropriate chemicals to your pool for better results. Filter pressure is done once every month and you have the option to have it cleaned or backwashed quarterly.

Get a monthly pool cleaning service. Our company is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in customer satisfaction, and we do so with our full-service package which includes vacuuming, skimming, brushing, chemical treatment for algae growth prevention as well as blue green algae removal; all of these services are completed by an experienced technician who will leave helpful notes behind each month letting you know what was done during their most recent visit.

For more information about monthly maintenance services, contact us and our professional will cater to your needs.

pool man dumping some chemicals in a pool