Pool Remodeling

When a pool is neglected or does not suit your style, it may be time for the best option: remodeling..

Months of neglect and wrong decision making can lead to an unsatisfying swimming experience in your backyard oasis; but don’t worry! The professionals at our company have seen many pools return from that sad state into something beautiful again - with just a little bit of work on their end.

Want a new pool look? We are here to help

The pool is in your backyard, but do you love the way it looks? Selling a home with an unsightly pool isn’t easy- most times buyers will want to see what repairs are needed. But if they’re already looking at other properties and don’t like anything else on the market, then there’s no need for them to lower their price just so that nobody can find out about those cracks or algae stains!

What is pool remodeling?

With swimming pools, there are many different things that can be done to update them. Swimming pool remodeling is a general term used when making certain changes all at once such as resurfacing and replacing tile would be considered an example of this type of project. There may also need to get new coping or replace the wall tiles on your side walls, but some projects like replacement windows won’t qualify for assistance because it’s not part of the water containment practices in our state jurisdiction

Swimming pool remodelings are changing what will happen with ones recent modifications made during their last re-surfacing session by either adding more coatings onto existing surfaces or removing old layers from before they were applied

Things you need to know about pool remodeling

Our pool renovation process generally takes anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks, but that all depends on what type of work you’re including and if it’s weather permitting. As we mentioned, some other repairs may need to be combined with the project depending on what they are; this could extend the expected timeline.

Your remodel begins with a quote and can take up to six weeks, but we’ll work hard so you don’t have to worry about anything. Pool resurfacing or pool tile cleaning is usually done in 2-3 weeks after your initial inquiry.

We are experts in swimming pool renovations. We provide you with a realistic design opportunity that may be hiding within your current pool layout and we start off the process by understanding what is important to you - your family’s needs, how much time will realistically fit into this project (after all no one wants to come home from work only to see more piles of dirt), or even knowing if there is any room for compromise.

After hearing about our company mission statement it will hopefully give you some peace of mind when deciding where best put down roots on making plans for remodeling your backyard oasis!