Pool Repair

Broken or damaged swimming pool can be frustrating, especially if you can’t enjoy the water and swim until repairs need to be done. A quick fix to that problem is hiring a professional repairman who will do your job efficiently with no fuss.

The need for any type of maintenance shows up in advance signs like broken parts on the filter system or salt levels not being maintained properly which means waiting too long before getting it fixed might result in unnecessary costs from fixing something bigger than what was there originally.

Trained and well-equipped pool repair professionals

Our pool service company in Miami Gardens is the first choice for pool repairs and maintenance. We have trained, licensed professionals to address any issues your pool or equipment may need. Moreover, we can repair all brands of pools and our services are fast so you get back to enjoying your swimming experience as soon as possible!

Our team of highly trained certified pool service technicians make over thousands of visits to pools each year. We offer a safe, reliable and professional choice for all your swimming pool repair needs.

Common Pool Repair Signs

Your pool is your own personal oasis. The water and the sun are so inviting, that it seems like a crime to be inside in this weather. You want to enjoy every second of blue sky while you can-but before you flip on your favorite TV show or hop into bed with some popcorn for an evening movie night, how about taking care of any necessary repairs first?

If something’s amiss with the condition (or appearance) of your swimming pool area then know that neglecting these fixes could mean significant time and money down the line - not only now but also long after we’ve forgotten what summer feels like! Here are five signs indicating when professional help may be needed:

  • Malfunctioning heaters. Have you noticed that your pool water is cold? That could be a sign of trouble with the heater. If pipes are blocked, it may reduce flow to the equipment and make things run slower than they should. Give us a call for help!
  • Cracks on walls. The sound of your pool’s cracks can be a subtle way to detect what is going on with the inside and outside, especially when you are away from home. Cracks in concrete pools always mean water leakages which will waste your pool water as well as erode surrounding soil that was used for construction purposes.
  • Broken lights. Most homeowners would never think to combine water with electricity, but it is a dangerous combination. Fixing broken lights in pools can be done by experts and should not be made into a DIY project because the pool will need to get drained of all its water first before any repairs are completed which could cause damage for someone who does not know what they’re doing.
  • Damaged pipe. You may be noticing that your pool water is not as clean and clear as it was when you first installed the system. Although this might be a common problem, there are some solutions to help combat this issue such as cleaning out any debris in the pipework.
  • Blocked sand filter. If you’re experiencing a decrease in water clarity, be sure to call out your local pool repair specialist. They’ll come and clear up the blockage with their high-powered tools so that you can have clean, healthy water again.