Pool Restoration

How would you like to enjoy your pool all day and night? Enhance the look of it for a price that is affordable!

For those looking to have their pools make some great memories, we offer product installation services as a part of our pool restoration services. We install not only pumps but also filters so they are able last longer with less upkeep required. There’s nothing better than taking in an evening swim after work or on Sunday morning before church starts.

Importance of restoring your pool

Imagine waking up and seeing your pool every morning, climbing in for a swim before breakfast. Imagine coming home from work to find the shimmering surface of an inviting swimming hole ready to cool you down as much as refresh you.

The difference between having that kind of space or not can be found in the details—details like installing decorative waterfalls and custom rock features, adding spa jets so your whole body is refreshed after a long day at work instead just feeling tired when it’s all said and done; these are luxuries any homeowner should enjoy!

Our restoration services for pools are one of a kind!

Restoring your swimming pool can be a daunting task. It is important to know that you are not alone and there are professionals who specialize in the process of restoring pools! Some people might think it’s too expensive or time-consuming, but if restored correctly we guarantee you will love what we do with our award winning restoration service.

What is pool restoration?

The art of pool restoration is the process by which an old, outdated swimming pool can be transformed into a new and luxurious one. In this section we will provide some general knowledge and advice for these projects with hopes to explain how it differs from other types of jobs but may include tasks or services that are similar in nature too.

The process of pool restoration is all about refurbishing the materials that are already installed to a swimming pool. The difference between it and remodeling is important, because in many cases there won’t be any replacement done on parts or equipment when performing this project. A great way to get an idea for how long these projects can take would be by looking at similar jobs from different providers around your area!

What is included in a pool restoration project?

We offer three main things in our restoration project. These are:

  1. Pool tile cleaning. Imagine the feel of your toes meeting soft, warm tiles as you walk across a pool deck. Now imagine that same feeling but instead with chipping and peeling paint from years gone by. It can be difficult to find an affordable way for restoring these pools so many people resort to painting their coping stones or water features in order not lose complete aesthetic value. Fortunately there is one method available on how to restore swimming pool tiles!
  2. Pool decks. The surface of your pool decking can be restored with the right material, so have a look at some options. The most commonly used materials are pea gravel and treated wood but there is also natural wood or spray-on concrete that you may want to consider for a different effect.
  3. Interior resurfacing. One of the most important things you can do to maintain your pool is keep it clean. Pool owners should be sure to avoid dumping any other chemicals into their pools like chlorine, bromine, or calcium hypochlorite because these will deteriorate the interior surfaces before 10 years have passed unless there are major flaws in them already.