After the summer season has ended, it’s time to think about colder temperatures and winter. The pool will start getting used less during this time of year so you want to make sure that all your equipment is in good working order for next spring when warmer weather returns!

One thing we can do before shutting down our pools is performing a professional closing service on it with help from us. Not only does this protect your investment by protecting against harsh winter conditions - but also helps prevent nasty bacteria growth as well while leaving an unsupervised pool area unattended throughout the entire cold months ahead!

If you’re looking for some tips or guidance on how best to care for your swimming hole over these long few frigid months without any use, give us a call!

We are experts at keeping your pool in good condition even before winter

A pool does not simply disappear when it’s winter time. You’ll have to make sure the water is balanced, chemical levels are correct, and your equipment has been properly adjusted before the season ends.

Preparing your swimming pool for winter can take up to a week, and involves not only installing a safety cover or some sort of protection from the elements when it’s cold outside but also includes balancing water chemistry. It may sound like this is an awful lot of work, but with proper training you’ll be able to handle all these things yourself without any problems at all!

Closing your pool for the winter doesn’t have to be a headache. Let our friendly and knowledgeable technicians help you close it in top shape! Every pool has specific needs, so count on them to give yours individualized care-that way, it stays clean all winter long with no algae issues at all.

When should you close your pool?

Many people are surprised to learn that cooler water is actually better for your pool. However, you should still be aware of the risks posed by leaves and other debris when it comes time to close up shop during colder months.

Not only can this type of contamination make swimming pools unusable in springtime (and potentially hazardous), but they also tend to clog filtration systems if left unattended! If you live near trees with large amounts of leaf litter on them, we recommend closing your pool as soon as possible before their fallout reaches dangerous levels within a few days or weeks depending upon seasonal patterns. You’ll thank us later—in more ways than one!